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   This is our LaPorte Farm Equipment Model LWW100 hydraulic wire winder - unwinder.  This is an American made product that is designed and built in our shop.

   The unit connects to your tractor with a category one, 3 point hitch and uses 1 of the hydraulic couplers on your tractor.

   To use the unit as an unwinder (when unreeling new wire), you disconnect the drive chain.  There is an adjustable friction device on the reel that will keep the reel from free-wheeling and will keep the spool of wire from unwinding out of control.

   To use the unit as a  winder,  you plug into the tractor’s hydraulic couplers.  Then you feed the end of wire through the wire guide in the back corner and wrap it around one of the 4 vertical posts on the reel.  Next you hold the hydraulic valve down to reel up the old wire.  When done, you quickly detach 1 of the 4 vertical posts and lift the wire off the reel.

   This unit is very easy to use, reliable, and maintainence free.  It is a great labor saver and it will pay for itself many times over compared to any kind of makeshift type unit.