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LaPorte Speciality Custom Built Sprayer Model LWS300

Weed Sprayer-1 small

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LaPorte Speciality Hydraulic Wire Winder - Unwinder

Model LWW100

WW-1 small

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LaPorte Speciality Grape Pre-Pruner

Model LPP-100

Pruner-1 small

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 We custom build to your specifications any type of vineyard, orchard, or field sprayer.

These units are American made and are designed and built in our shop.

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3 point hitch - category 1

Uses 1 tractor auxilliary hydraulic remote

Powerful hydraulic drive

Can be used to wind or unwind

Fast and simple, one person operation

Has a brake for unwinding that keeps the unused wire from unraveling

Safe operation - operator stays away from the reel during operation


Simple dependable design

Lightweight (approx. 1080 lbs) and durable

Low maintenance

Easy to adjust and operate - can be operated for longer time periods than other pre-pruners due to low operator fatique

Average pruning rate of about 1 acre/hour

Low profile design, under 8 feet high

All sliding booms are lined with UHMW for a tight fit, long life, and do not require lubrication

Self-contained hydraulic system with a temperature controlled oil cooler and fan

Full electric over hydraulic control of the machining by a single joystick

The combers and cutter bar speeds are fully adjustable on their own integrated hydraulic circuits

Able to trim umbrella, no-tie, and minimum pruned systems

Can be customer mounted on most vineyards tractors