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   This is our LaPorte Farm Equipment Model LPP100 hydraulic grape pre-pruner.  This is an American made product that is designed and built in our shop.

   The unit can be mounted on most vineyard tractors and is powered by its own PTO driven hydraulic system.

The operation of this unit involves going twice to each row at a ground speed of 3 to 4 mph.  On the first pass, the combers are rotated in the downward direction and the on the second pass, they rotate in the upward direction.

The unit is adjustable to accommodate all possible canopy dimensions including double curtain.

This unit can easily be operated for longer periods of time than other pre-pruners because of the 1 hand joystick operation.  The joystick is all electric and has a magnetic mount that can be positioned anywhere on the tractor, or it can just be held in the operators hand.  This  reduces the stress load on the operator and results in more production per day with less fatigue.