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New Maschio 3 Row Vineyard Sprayer

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Maschio 3 row-02x
Mas Sprayer-01
Mas Sprayer-02
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This unit is brand new

Maschio Turbo Teuton FXF

1 or 2 or 3 Row Sprayer

Tank Size:  540 gallons

  500 gallons for spraying

    35 gallons for wash tank

      4 gallons for fresh water

4 Piston/ Diaphragm Pump

Includes Computerized Rate


Automatic and manual pressure


36 Nozzles

Each nozzle body contains 2

   nozzles and  can be

  flipped 180 degrees to switch

  from 1 nozzle to the other

2 Speed fan

Chemical eductor which also

  includes a chemical bottle


Frame is hot dipped galvanized

Requires 65 horse power

Many other features included