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This is our LaPorte Farm Equipment Model LWS500 herbicide sprayer.  This is an American made product that is designed and built in our shop.

The tanks can be 200 gallons each, or the front tank can be 300 gallons, and the rear tank 200 gallons.  This unit can also be built with a single 200 or single 300 gallon tank.

Dual steps are included to make it easier to reach the tank filler lids.

The tank lids are a large size to make it easier to pour spray material into.

Sight gauges are included on both tanks.

The tanks both have remote drain valves, so you don’t have to crawl underneath the unit to open the drains.

The frame is closed rectangular steel tubing for superior strength.  It will resist twisting which often damages the tanks on the   lighter weight C channel frames used on cheaper sprayers.

The tandem axle and large flotation tires smooths out bumps, washouts, and woodchuck holes.  This unit can be built with a single axle if it is built with only 1 tank.

The front hitch can be a pin type or ball type.  The height of the hitch is adjustable to match any tractor drawbar height.

The combination of the proper frame geometry and no PTO shaft allows for a very tight turning radius.

The jack can be removed by a quick pin, to keep it from snagging on vines.

The control panel can be custom configured for any combination of spraying row centers and/or under the trellis and/or multiple rows, all at the same time.  We have 2 different sizes of control panels depending on how many functions you need to control.

All the pipe fittings are stainless steel.

All the valves are poly or stainless steel.

The pumps and plumbing components are easily accessible for quick  servicing.  The hydraulic driven pumps allow you to operate the tractor at low rpms to save on fuel cost.

The optional electric valves and electronic regulator simplifies the routing of controls to the tractor.  This is especially important for cab tractors.

The location of the filter and manual shut off valves allows for easy winterizing.

The unit can be equipped with an optional hydraulic selector valve that allows the operator to run 1 pump at a time or both pumps at the same time.

The rugged wind screen on the optional rear spray boom eliminates spray drift.


We will custom build these sprayers with any combination of options the buyer requires.  Call us for more details.