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This is our LaPorte Farm Equipment Model LWS300 weed sprayer.  This is an American made product that is designed and built in our shop.

The large 300 gallon tank decreases wasted time for fill ups.

The combination of the proper frame geometry and no PTO shaft allows for a very tight turning radius.




The pump and plumbing components are easily accessible for quick  servicing.  The hydraulic driven pump allows you to operate the tractor at low rpms to save on fuel cost.  A piston diaphragm pump is also available.







The optional electric valves and electronic regulator simplifies the routing of controls to the tractor.  This is especially important for cab tractors.








The location of the filter and manual shut off valves allows for easy winterizing.








The rugged wind screen eliminates spray drift.

The nozzle spacing is fully adjustable to be compatible with all nozzle types.

The nozzles can also be located on the front of the sprayer or on the tractor if desired.






This optional front mounted boom is fully adjustable from the tractor seat by hydraulic cylinders.








The front nozzles are turned on independent of the rear nozzles for spot spraying.









The nozzles are spring mounted to prevent damage from contact with grape vines.








Diaphragm check valves located close to the nozzles eliminate nozzle drip and allow nozzles to turn on instantly for accurate spot spraying.